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Habanero Seed Pod

Habanero Seed Pod

Tregren’s Seed Pod is an easy and effective approach to growing chilies ecologically.

Habanero seeds are delivered with larger 10x10cm compressed ecological peat pods in which the seeds are conveniently placed inside a thin seed paper. In this seedpod the Habanero will grow tall and not fall over. 

With our seed pods growing Habaneros could not be easier, especially when the pods are placed in Tregren’s Kitchen gardens.

Habanero is one of the most popular chilies. The one we sell is not the hottest in taste and is well suited for cooking. The taste is nicely fruity. The Habanero will grow in 3-4 months for eating and cooking.

An unused pod will stay usable for years and you will be ready to grow fresh habaneros the instant you place it in water.

9,90 €