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The Elegant Classic

We have updated our classic with an energy-saving and efficient LED growing light, distinctly improving the plants harvest.
We have also developed a new pump which is quieter and more energy efficient than the previous one.

Herbie combines design and functionality in one solid product. The highly developed Active Growing Technology guarantees a quick growth and a plentiful harvest. All this with less than 15 minutes of care taking per month and without need of previous experience.

Herbie is designed for a wide variety of plants, from flowers to veggies. The Active Growing Technology ensures that the different types of plants prosper without extra effort from you. Herbie is perfect as an indoor garden as it fits up to six plants. The smart watering system and the specially design nutrients ensure a continuously high yield without any extra effort. Herbie is designed to be used with herb pots bought from any grocery store or with plants grown elsewhere. You can fit pots with a diameter up to 11cm in Herbie. Herbie is also suites well for growing your own plants from seeds.

dimensions D: 197 • W: 400 • H: 440
material ABS polymer, Aluminum
electric power 6W – 230V
available colors Snow White • Anthrasite Grey • Jet Black – Ferrari Red • Granny Smith Green
water capacity 2 liters

109,90 €
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